But He Works at Starbucks!


“He’s really sweet and he makes me laugh,” I gushed to my girlfriend about a guy I met. “And he’s so cute, and he has the sexiest lips.”

“Aww, I’m so happy for you. He must be something to have you smiling like that,” she said. “What does he do?”

“Oh, um, he’s a manager at Starbucks.”

Silence and a side eye.

“What? I get free caramel macchiatos. That saves me $4,” I joked.

She dropped her fork and quickly shot back, “He works at Starbucks. Starbucks?”

“Yeah, and?”

“Nothing, I’m just saying…”

What she was saying, without really saying it was, “You’re a college educated woman, Why are you dating a broke ass man who wears a green apron to work?”

“Anyway, we’re going out again tonight. He’s taking me dancing.”

“That’s nice,” she said before finishing off her mimosa.

But of course I couldn’t let the conversation go.

“So you think he’s beneath me? You don’t even want to know anything else about him? You didn’t even ask me his name!”

“I just don’t see you dating someone who works at Starbucks or McDonald’s or something like that. But if you like him, he’s good with me.”

All of my crush’s positive attributes went out the window once she learned of his occupation. It didn’t matter that I finally found someone who made me smile brighter than she’s seen in years. From that point on, she would still be hung up on the fact that he woke up every morning to make lattes and frappes. I would expect side eyes if I said his line of work involved illegal activity or if he’s been unemployed for a decade. But this man has a job.

He wakes up at 4 a.m. and receives a paycheck every week for his hard work. He even has benefits. Benefits!

Hell, as a freelance writer I can’t even afford insurance and I never know when I’m getting paid.

He has a job…but it’s not the right kind of job?