Carmelo Anthony Calls Jeremy Lin/Houston Rockets Deal “Ridiculous”


The New York Knicks face a tough deadline within the next 24 hours that will determine whose court famed point guard Jeremy Lin will ball in.

While orange-and-blue fans have been vocal about their dismay with the team on Twitter, one of the Knicks’ stars has also expressed his thoughts on the outstanding deal the Houston Rockets has cut with Lin.

According to USA Today, Carmelo Anthony called the deal “ridiculous” while practicing with the men’s U.S.A. Olympics team this past weekend, referring to Houston’s $25 million deal over three years with Lin. ESPN reported that the Rockets that will pay him $14.8 million in the third year. Sources say Lin has not been told by the Knicks if they plan to match Houston’s offer.

The pending decision comes after the team agreed to sign guards Raymond Felton from the Portland Trail Blazers and Pablo Prigioni from the Spanish League. The biggest get has been Dallas Maverick Jason Kidd, who was arrested then released Sunday after being charged with a misdemeanor for drunk driving in the Hamptons.

The Knicks have until midnight tomorrow to match the offer or let restricted free agent Lin leave.