Cassie Pens Letter to Fans, Plans to Release Mixtape


Even as model and singer Cassie graces magazine covers and keeps the “King of Hearts” single buzzing, fans are getting antsy. They want a new album.

The Bad Boy femme fatale hasn’t released a studio album since her self-titled debut project, Cassie, which resulted in hit single “Me & U.” There have been a few tracks here and there to keep the Cassie Army at bay, but mainly she’s been stylishly gallivanting the globe with Diddy. (Can’t be mad at that, right?)

To put her fans’ anticipation to rest (a little), she penned a note on Twitter, revealing  forthcoming EP Rock-A-Bye and why her album is delayed.

She writes:

A letter to my fans: Hey!! How are you guys? I’m great! I just moved, so I’m getting settled at my new place. I had a dope session with Ester Dean last night. She is… Everything I needed and I’m cutting another record with Will.I.Am today. Not bad, huh? I’m working simultaneously on my album and my Mixtape/EP. I know you all are wondering, Mixtape, huh? Well… I think the best we can be as human beings is to be resilient, right? I’m now at Interscope still with Bad Boy, which is amazing. I have GREAT new management that you’ll find out about soon and everything is FINALLY falling into place the way it’s supposed to, but one thing is missing. The music being delivered to you. Now, we all know that this album has been years in the making. Creating, starting over, changing, leaks, growing, starting….never stopping 🙂 BUT I wouldn’t change any minute of it. You get a better version of me for being so patient. This additional project is for you guys. My Mixtape is called Rock-A-Bye Baby, don’t take it so literal… Lol. You’ll see why. I am so proud of this project. It’s not pop, it’s not R&B, it’s Cassie. It’s why you fucked with me in the first place. I love you guys and your continued love and support. I’m a lucky girl. So…. don’t get frustrated OR upset with me!!! Okay??? 😉 I know you feel like you’ve gotten the run around. Trust me, I have too. Something wonderful/exciting/fantastic is being created, just for you…because I love you guys and because I can 😉

Vixens, are you excited for Cassie’s Rock-A-Bye ‘tape?