Clean Out Your Closet: Tips for De-Cluttering Your Wardrobe


Do you have clothes from 2-3 years ago that you never wear? Are you wearing the same outfits over and over because you can’t see all of your clothes? Are you holding on to clothes for sentimental reasons or are you thinking you will be able to wear those clothes as soon as you lose those extra 10 pounds? It’s the new year, it’s time to clean out those old clothes to make room for the new. Here are a few tips that can help you de-clutter your closet.

Rule 1:

Just start.

This is often the hardest part, you keep putting off cleaning out your closet for various reasons and it never gets done. Just do it (Yes, Like Nike) Do 30 minutes a day, or 30 garments a day, but just begin. Have a friend
to support you, either by helping out or being your accountability partner.

Rule 2:

If you haven’t worn something for over two years, get rid of it. “Even if it’s pricey,” The only exception is black tie attire that you may wear only occasionally Now perfectly good clothes do not have to go to waste, especially if you have spent your hard earned money “Give it to a friend who will make good use of it. Sell it, donate it, put it on eBay.” Just remove it from your space.

Rule 3:

If it doesn’t fit you anymore, get rid of it. Holding on to clothes that no longer fit, can be pure torture ladies. We find ourselves fantasizing about the good ole’ days when we could actually wear the clothes that is not healthy; we should be looking towards the New Year. “But truthfully, by the time someone gets back into a size, it may be out of style.”

Rule 4:

Don’t fantasy dress. A lot of time we purchases things we seen other women wear or things we would like to wear if we were in a different line of work. If an item fits the lifestyle you want but not the lifestyle you live, get rid of it.

Rule 5:

Everything in your closet should make you feel good about yourself once you put it on. It should promote joy, beauty and usefulness. You should feel pretty in it, and you should be comfortable in it. And it should be really practical, and match your personality. Don’t try to live on the wild side and wear things that are not YOU, you will only ended up hating those clothes and looking foolish in the midst of that.

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