Clean Out Your Closet: Tips for De-Cluttering Your Wardrobe


Rule 6:

If something brings up a bad memory or has a negative energy around it, let it go. You’ll never want to wear something that reminds you of a bad time, but donate it and hope somebody else can enjoy it.

Rule 7:

Get rid of duplicates. If you have a ton of things that look the same, let the spot-fillers go.

Rule 8:

Get rid of your “skinny jeans” AND your “fat jeans.” Keeping either or both of these is just telling yourself daily that the weight you are at isn’t good enough or that
you have a fear that it might change.

Rule 9:

Create a “yes”, “no” & “maybe” pile. Use your gut instinct to make the initial sort. The “maybe” pile takes the pressure off of having to decide immediately. But when it’s time to face the “maybe” pile Sift through and ask yourself, “Do I love this?” and
“Will I wear it?” Be honest. If either is a “no,” it’s time to let go.

Rule 10:

Decide the best way to let go of the garments you no longer wear. Ideas: Donate them to a thrift store that supports a cause you care about, give them to a friend, sell or trade them in for new clothes.

Rule 11:

Organize your clothes in a way that makes them easy to find. Ideas: organize by color, by type of garment (dresses, skirts, jackets), by season, or by frequency of wear.

-Nikia Pope

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