Cooking, Cleaning, Sexing Machine: Back to Basics


His Issue“Women flat out don’t cook anymore! Grilled cheese does not count! I miss women who could cook & be ‘naturally’ sexy.”

Mama’s Solution: Cook like a champ and master lookin’ good in sweats and glasses as well as heels and a sundress.


His Issue: “I hate when I take a girl on a date and she eats like it’s the last supper”

Mama’s solution: Eat a small snack before you go on a date and have a glass of water before your meal. It will suppress the urge to stuff your face. It is a courteous gesture not to over eat on someone else’s dime.


His Issue: ”I dislike when a girl doesn’t appreciate the small things I do.”

Mama’s Solution: Open the car door from the inside for him after he escorts you. It’s your way of saying ‘Thank you and I got you too.’

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