Dad Pays 17-Year-Old Girl $21 to Fight A 13-Year-Old Bully


There’s no messing with daddy’s little girl.

A Connecticut man was arrested after allegedly paying a 17-year-old girl $21 to beat up a 13-year-old he believed was bullying his daughter.

Phillip Prokop, 42,told News 8 that his daughter had told him she was having problems in school because someone was picking on her at Shelton Intermediate school where they both attended.

“My daughter was put through torture and she finally came forward to tell us,” Prokop said.

He and his daughter showed up at Sassafrass Diner after learning the alleged bully was there. A fight broke out after they had confronted her.

“I introduced myself and who I was and who my daughter was and I told them to stop bullying my daughter,” Prokop said, “and the next thing there was a girl on the ground. The girl that bullied my daughter was on top of that girl beating her face in.” Turns out the girl was also a victim.

Prokop was arrested and now faces two felony charges and conspiracy to commit assault. Though he faces a court hearing Monday, he is confident that he shall go free. “In broad daylight I’m gonna hire a girl to something,” Prokop said. “It just doesn’t make any sense.”

The 42-year-old father also says that he will remove his daughter from Shelton Intermediate and move her to a new school in the fall to keep her safe.


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