Do You Think Your Man Is Gay?


Have you ever seen a guy that looks amazing, but you know something isn’t right?

I see great looking men walking down the streets of New York all the time, but sometimes there’s something odd about his accessories, friends, persona or mannerisms that just make him suspect. One of my greatest fears is to date a man on the “down low.” My girlfriends and I have figured out four things that will have a throwing a guy the side-eye!

1. The Infamous Man Bag
I have a strong problem with a man carrying a purse. The size of the bag and the contents are strong factors. If you’re bag is a messenger bag and its contents are your computer, books or other things that are annoying to hold in your hand, then you get a pass. But if your bag is only carrying your wallet, phone and chapstick, it’s a purse.
Come on, each of these items can fit in your pocket, and if you’re with your girl, her purse!