Does Dating Require A Dress Code?


Now, as I proudly walk down the street in my neon green jumpsuit and plum sandals, it’s clear that those days of compromising my style and my personality are far behind me.

However, I am troubled when I come in to contact with women who have given up their sense of style to cater to a man like I did.

Why are we so quick to do that?

Now, there is nothing wrong with looking good for your man. I am by all means a strong advocate of this. However, I am a stronger advocate of looking good for yourself first. How are we as women suppose to gain respect if we are so quick to give up our parts of who we are to please our mates?

I believe that real men would never pressure a woman into dressing differently than she desires to. It’s a form of control that we shouldn’t stand for.

Ladies, have you ever changed the way you dressed for a man or adhered to his “dress code”? Have you ever asked your man to change his style? How did he react?

-Julissa Escobosa

Tags: Dating, Fashion