Does Your Man Receive Too Much Facebook Love?


Once upon a time you were happy and “In a Relationship” on Facebook.  And then . . . Wait for it . . . There it is: you started to notice how much attention his profile was receiving. Whether a flirtatious wall post, a compromising tagged photo, or you being exposed to his personal account—forms of seething jealousy were onward bound.  And, as the story goes, it ripple waved into a dramatic showdown between you two.  Your relationship status and emotional sentiments were eventually updated to “It’s Complicated.  You two will surely break up in the near future.  The End.

You aren’t the only one irked by your partner’s Facebook reception.  Over 50% of surveyors admit to growing jealous and insecure in their relationship due to activity on Facebook. Perhaps this is because the entire Facebook experience is a hatchery for relational jealousy, ignited by a number of scenarios:

The Picture. A classic “Having the time of our lives” shot is added to his recent pictures: a party atmosphere gleaming with Jack-o-lantern smiles, sweat studded foreheads, and toasts to the photographer.  L’chayim.  He has that stretched goofy grin painted on his face, the one you know from personal experience, the one that only creeps out during the best of times.  He’s happy, his boys are happy, but that chick—the one clutched to him in partial embrace—she’s extra happy and you sense something in her smile and eyes begging for full coverage.

Common Response: A lingering stare followed by a customary inquiry, “Who the F*@! Is she?”  A neurotic brainstorm ensues as you scan through his pictures, rampage his friend list, and attempt to solve the mystery of the friendly female friend.

The Wall. A female you don’t recognize leaves “Thank you!” on his wall.  Slightly invasive, but you can’t help but wonder what her thankfulness stems from.  You don’t have access to her profile to pry as freely as you’d wish so you’re left idle, sitting behind your computer with nothing but pushy presumptuous thoughts.  It could be innocent—maybe he wished her well on her birthday and she was thankful.  Or maybe not so innocent—he complimented a picture of her clad in a little bit more than a birthday suit and, yes, she was thankful.

Common Response: You’re going to ask him about it or silently obsess about it.  Either way, it has formed an impressionable wrinkle in your brain.