Don’t Push A-Trak’s Buttons


Calling all DJs and Producers! We are in the middle of mainstream media blitz. Take to your turntables and spin that sh*!

It all started when deadmau5 touted all DJ’s as “button-pushers” in a teeny tiny magazine called Rolling Stone. So, original turntablist A-Trak scratched out the button-pushers to show that not ALL DJs just plunker with a midi controller and an iPod. Just today, ZEDS DEAD told VIBE that the mau5man’s remarks, “doesn’t really make us feel shit.” But what else is the industry feeling?

Alain Macklovitch (A-Trak) has an opinion:
“There’s a new buzz-word in the world of DJing: “Button Pushers.” As the DJ moves from club booths to festival stages, the equipment has become increasingly varied. And as the lines continue to blur between a DJ who mixes and a producer who presses play, questions of authenticity have been raised. I should mention that I am a DJ myself. I won five world DJ championships (yes, there is such a thing) at a young age, and this has been my career for 15 years, so I feel a certain responsibility to weigh in on the subject.

Traditionally, a DJ spun vinyl records on turntables and would change his set every night. So what about guys who play on laptops? Those who spend more time raising their hands than mixing? Or those whose presence is lost behind intricate light shows?”

Read the rest of A-Trak’s blog post on Huff Po.