Dr. Doom 2013 Prediction Reveals Economic Disaster Next Year


Just when we thought our economy was on the up-and-up, Dr. Doom has predicted more economic turmoil is headed our way.

The same man who accurately predicted the 2008 crisis now says next year will be full of trouble. Economist Nouriel Roubini predicts a “perfect storm” is on schedule to rip through the world’s economy in 2013.

“There might be a weak rally because people are being cheered by more quantitative easing by (Chairman Ben) Bernanke and the Fed, but if the economy is weakening, that is going to put downward pressure on earnings growth,” Roubini explained.

Webpronews reports:
Dr. Doom 2013 prediction: Economist Nouriel Roubini recently stated that a “perfect storm” for economic disaster is currently brewing, and he stands behind his beliefs. Considering Roubini is the guy who accurately predicted the country’s previous financial disaster, it’s safe to assume that countless buttholes are being clenched whenever this guy has something to say. And while you may think the 2008 crisis was the worst that could happen, Dr. Doom feels that 2013 is going to be much worst.

Roubini is a professor at NYU.

Are you ready for the next doomsday?