Draya Michele Dishes on Why a Man’s Shoes Matter


It’s hard to find a man these days especially when the first season of Basketball Wives is responsible for your fame.

The single reality star Draya Michele spoke to Necole Bitchie at the 100 Urban Entrepreneurs: Be Next Awards about what she looks for in a potential mate, specifically one who has a sense of humor, nice teeth and clean shoes.

“I think you can just tell where they’ve been and you can tell how they value things and what’s important to them and what’s not,” she explained. “I always put my shoes back in the box and kept them very neat. So I like a man to do the same  thing. It just shows that he respects his things. And probably worked hard to  buy them.”

The surprising part is that her success has made men too shy to approach her!

“Guys won’t talk to me now. They’re scared of me,” Michele revealed. “No one wants to get my number  anymore. Before, guys would flock to me and “Hey, whats your name, whats your  number, what’s up, can I take you out?” Now, they’re very shy. And its like “please talk to me, get my number.” I’m friendly, I’m nice, I’m sweet, I’m  everything. They’re intimidated I guess.”