EDM TEN: NYC Clubs Pt.1 – Dance Dungeons


Nightlife is one of the dopest offerings the Big Apple provides (Broadway shows aside!). Whether it’s a spot on the strip of South Street, The Meatpacking District, or just a young person’s bar, NYC has plenty of places to party. When it comes to clubbing, the choices are endless and any give night spot serves up a well blended mix of sonic/lighting/genre cocktails. Venues run the gamut from the small eccentric underground spot with great sound to a 4,000 capacity mega club resembling a small stadium. The velvet rope lifestyle is one of the main things NYC is known for, but where are the best spots?

VIBE has compiled a list of our Top Ten nightlife venues and separated them into two parts. This first part is our Top 5 Dance Dungeons. These venues are home to NYC underground outfits such as Verboten, BLK|Market Membership and Resolute. Unlike the glamour clubs, these are the places that provide intimacy and decor unlike anywhere else.

Enter Part One of Vibe’s EDM TEN NYC…

Sullivan Room

Located in the West Village, Sullivan Room has been home for a laundry list of underground events. Self proclaiming their own devotion to underground music, SR has served as a launchpad for up and coming DJ’s careers, as well as been a landing zone for international talent. After a recent makeover to celebrate their 5th birthday, the Sullivan Room boasts a space with a unique atmosphere and great sound. Considered to be a favorite of many underground outfits like Verboten and Basic, SR is an intimate experience that many look for in an underground spot.

La Zarza

Located on 1st avenue, La Zarza is a restaurant by day and an exclusive subterranean lounge by night. Owned by two Spaniards with deep ties in clubland, this venue is the prime example of what a truly intimate haunt should be. Playing host to a clientele of bottles and models, La Zarza has been home to a laundry list of top tier music talent. Their sound system is incomparable as it is so clean and crisp which is the contrary to what one expect when inside the small music dojo. This gem of the underground in the city, La Zarza is hidden from the masses and it wants to stay that way. Oops, sorry about that, La Zarza.

The Electric Warehouse

Have you ever heard of those warehouse parties that are dirty, dark and disgusting but play home to some of the best events ever? This is that place. Located in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, the Electric Warehouse has become a favorite of NYC’s infamous outfit, The BLK|Market Membership. Playing host to the likes of Marco Carola, Adam Beyer and most recently Ben Klock, this run down abode is a fan pleaser. A marathon party here is not an experience for the weak and weary.

SPiN Galactic

If you have heard of this place then you’re probably thinking, ‘Why is there an upscale ping pong club on this list?’ Well to many people’s surprise this daytime pong palace has also droppen the ball on underground events. Launched by famed underground outfit, Resolute, SPiN offers an experience of good music and Ping-Pong. Consider the ping-pong as a metaphor for the crossfader Home turf for the likes of Susan Sarandon for when she sharpens her Ping-Pong skills, SPiN is a good time you’d never expect.

SRB Brooklyn

Kings of the night (and early morning), Verboten produces an array of massive events. Offering an experience unlike most underground events, this place is large and the decor is surreal. Complete with sunlights in the roof so folks can bask in the rays and keep on dancing when the sun rises, SRB is not for the junior clubber. Boasting a sick sound system, they’ve heralded parties jam-packed with out of this world vibes and talent.