Vixen Chat: ‘Bad Girls Club’ Star Elease Donovan Launches Swimwear Line


Widely known for her role in the reality series Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas, Elease Donovan wants you to know that there is more to her than just catfights and celebrity dates! The Miami-based designer has launched her new swimsuit line (@EDSwimwear) and we got a chance to speak to her about the new endeavor and what we can next expect for the TV reality star. –Vicki Valery

VIBE VIXEN: When did you realize you wanted to be a designer?
When I was, maybe, 3 years old cutting up my own clothes and drawing. My mom knew that’s what I was going to be in life.

What was the first piece of clothing you designed?
I think it was a skirt and a top. I cut up my own clothes to get the fabric. My mom would hate that! After that, I started doing sketches and stuff…and that’s how it kinda came about. It was always my thing. I wanted to start off with swimsuits because I would like to be a whole brand. I wanna do dresses, I wanna do shoes and a line of luxury watches. I wanna start with something smaller which is easier and just build from there.
Luxury watches are pretty unique. Why a line in that?
I feel like they have the Audemars Piquet for women, but when you think of Audemars, you think of a man’s watch. If I say “Elease Donovan Watches,” I want you to already know it’s a high-end designer watch for women.Something for the ladies.
Yea [giggles], that’s right! For the ladies!

Who are some of your favorite designers?