Eve Plans New Clothing Line, Talks Style Inspiration


Eve has never really been the go-to for style references, but she made a major impact with the ladies during her Fetish days. Now, with her clothing line in the wind, the 30-something-yeard-old rapper is looking drum up a new fashion line after her music takes off again.

“There will be something, but it won’t be Fetish,” she assures. “I gave that up — the partners got on my nerves. But there will be something; you’ll see something soon. Probably not until after you hear some music from me. I want to focus on that first and then I can birth something else. “

This time around, the artists who dubs her style “easy glamour” says the line will focus on shoes.

“It will be more shoes then it will be clothes. There will be, but not like it was before. It won’t be based on the clothes, it will be based on the shoes. I’m sure I’ll bring in some jewelry and handbags at some point. I love accessories!”

As for how the Philly native gets inspired by her daily personal looks, she says: “Not really. It’s more about osmosis. You know what I mean? That’s what fashion kind of is. I’m always watching something or seeing something that inspires me. And it’s really just about how I feel, more than anything else.”–Niki McGloster