Eyebrows 101


Every time I get my eyebrows threaded, I walk away feeling like a new woman. I feel like my face looks more symmetric and I joke with the salon owner that it’s an instant face lift.

One of the first things people notice about your face is your eyes and your eyebrows are the frame for your pretty peepers, so you don’t want them looking unkempt. Check out these grooming tips to help you get and maintain the perfect brow shape.

Consult With a Pro.

Visit someone who specializes in eyebrows for the initial shaping of your brows. Some women can just look at their eyebrows and figure out the perfect shape but some of us have no clue where to start. The best bet is to see an expert now, so you won’t end up crying later.

Choose your treatment.

Plucking isn’t the only method of shaping up your brows. You could have them waxed, threaded or use laser hair removal on them. Do you research and consult with an expert to decide what works best for you.

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