Eyebrows 101



Once you have a gorgeous shape to your brows, maintenance is key. And the best part is it’s easy! Just invest in a pair of tweezers and pluck away stray hairs that are growing outside of the shape you desire. To avoid creating uneven lines and bald spots, focus on the hair in the middle of the brows and on the brow bone.

Fake it Til’ You Make It.

If you have thinner brows, invest in an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill in those sparse areas. When using a pencil, be sure to use small upward strokes to create the look of strands of hair. It’s not becoming to have straight lines drawn on your face where hair should be.

Long Hair, Don’t Care.

One way to help the hair in your brows grow is to put castor oil on a Q-tip and apply it to the thin areas.

What are your secrets to eyebrow grooming? What are your go-to beauty tools to maintain them?

-Margaret Francois

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