Flo Rida Talks Success of ‘Wild Ones’ and Shares the Wildest Thing He’s Ever Done


Flo Rida lit up New York City last night at Windows’ and HP’s ARTIST #TALK alongside famed blogger and music expert, Arjan Writes.

Relaxing on set overlooking lower Manhattan, Flo Rida opened up to the audience about his upbringing in Miami’s Carol City, and the importance of charity in his life, which was inspired by What’s Happening’s Fred “Re-Run” Berry.

“My charity, “Big Dreams” for Kids, was inspired by those who came to my neighborhood,” he said to the audience. “I wanted to show the kids if I can do it and I’m from here, you can too.”

Flo also made time to run through each of the nine tracks on his fourth studio album Wild Ones, offering commentary and unique tidbits. The rapper cited Michael Jackson’s Thiller as key influence this time around for limiting the album to under ten tracks. Wrapping up the conversation, he shared exclusively with the audience that 50 Cent is set to appear on the official single of the Rico Love-produced track, “Thinking of You.” The collaboration wasn’t completed in time to make final album cut.

Ending the night the best way he knows how, Flo Rida slipped into his party animal mood, popping bottles with all in attendance. With champagne in hand, he sent a few suds over the penthouse balcony so all could share in the luxuriant fun down below.

VIBE had the opportunity to catch up with Flo Rida before the night’s festivities began to discuss the success of Wild Ones, feel good music, and the wildest thing he’s ever done.

VIBE: Your latest album, Wild Ones is debuting at No. 14 this week, with 31, 000 units sold. Do you expect the album to continue to rise up the charts?

FLO RIDA:Most definitely. The records on the album, so far with the couple of singles we put out, it’s definitely been a mega success. As get the chance to get more into the rest of the singles, I’m definitely looking forward to the album moving up the charts even more.

What do you feel you did differently on this album this time around that you haven’t done before?

Just with the experience alone, being influenced by all the different club scenes, the people I’ve worked with, as far as producers and everything. They’re at the top of the Richter scale when it comes down to being hot producers, alongside my A&R staff and everything. It was a lot of sleepless nights, but we came up with an album I really appreciate with a lot of people who’d give me their true opinion.

You make a lot of feel good records (Wild Ones, Good Feeling, etc.). Would you say that’s a reflection on your life right now?

Definitely. It’s definitely wild. Just to be able to go out and perform in front of crowds of 50 thousand to 100 thousand people and you definitely want to leave them with a memory they’ll never forget, so I do of wild things on stage.

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