Fragrance 101: What Every Woman Should Know That The Salesperson Won’t Tell You


I know that there’s the unwritten law that beauty and pain can sometimes, go hand-in-hand (i.e. waxing, tweezing and other beauty basics that women go through to preserve their sexy), but nowhere in that statement does it say frustration is OK, too. While it seems like fragrance shopping is an easy process, there are many who find it tedious.

Advice for Shopping

1. Know which fragrance family you prefer.

To really gain an understanding of how to find your perfect fragrance, there are some basic classifications that can help you narrow down your search. Fragrances always come in three notes. There are top notes which evaporates first, middle notes which evaporate shortly after top and the base, the true scent which is the most dominating of the three.

These notes are all a part of different fragrance “families” or “groupings.” Here’s a quick overview of some of the most frequently used groupings:

· Bright Florals are usually dominated by the smell of one particular flower.
· Gourmand scents smell good enough to eat containing ingredients like vanilla.
· Green is a more delicate, fresh scent with green ingredients such as leafy grasses or green vegetables such as cucumbers.
· Citrus scents look to fruits such as oranges and tangerines to exude freshness.
· Aquatic/ Oceanic/ Ozonic fragrances have more of a clean smell that complements oriental, floral and woody scents.
· Fruity fragrances are sweet-smelling and draw from fruits such as mango, passion fruit, strawberries and more.

Each fragrance can be put into a fragrance family, grouping it with many other similar fragrances.
Once you have a general understanding of the terms used to describe the composition of the scent, the shopping process becomes more fun and engaging. The more knowledgeable you are, the easier fragrance shopping becomes.

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