Funny Or Ratchet? 7-Year-Old Boy’s “Booty Pop” Video is Viral Hit


Get ready to either laugh or gasp. Meet Albert Roundtree Jr. , the 7-year-old behind the infamous viral video “Booty-Pop.”

Produced by Tyler Council, the video shows young Albert poolside with a bunch of bikini clad women three times his age. The video has gotten lots of scrutiny, currently boasting over 1.2 million views on Youtube, but also 22,000 dislikes compared to the little bit over 3,000 likes.

Dr. Boyce Watkins of Kulture Kritic says, “In a community where we could just as easily push our young people to the highest levels of math and science by the age of 7, we instead have them memorizing derogatory hip-hop lyrics about smoking blunts, getting drunk every weekend, having sex with any girl who wants it and going to prison with tear drop tattoos.”

Dr. Watkins continues by adding, “Coonery is never cute or fun to watch from a highly-impressionable 7-year old, even if you’re trying to be funny.”

What do you guys think? Are you falling out your seat laughing or shaking your head in shame?

The Infamous Video: Albert – “Booty-Pop”