Game Films Wild Street Fight with Rival Rapper 40 Glocc


The beef between former G-Unit rappers 40 Glocc and Game goes back to the streets of L.A. It’s no secret that these two men down right hate each other. Glocc and Game have faced off in the past and the outcome has never been pretty. They’ve dissed each other on wax, on the internet and in-person. However, the latest altercation between these feuding rappers was caught on camera, by the Game. With his iphone in one hand, Game and is seen chasing down 40 and allegedly assaulting him. Here’s the footage that landed on WSHH. The two have also been going at it on twitter for the last 12 hours. @40Glocc RT @40GLOCC: @THEGAME LOL, NIGGA U 6’5 TALL!,& CHASED ME DOWN WITH A PISTOL..NIGGA HAD TO HAVE GUN DRAWN ON ME – u snitchin ??? U a clown ME AFTER GETTIN JUMPED BY @THEGAME LOL! I WALK AWAY WIT SCRATCHES&DIDNT SWING BAK CUZ NIGAZ HAD GUNS ON ME MY TURN NEXT RT @40GLOCC: @thegame put the pistol @ my head & I said u bet not shoot that!! Lol! – u was beggin me like a hoe, Tellin cops i had heat lol @theGame Where was the gun @ in the video ?!?!? Where was the 10 niggas ? Stop lying to these people pussy… It was me & you & my iphone nigga !!! “A Fuck Niggguh That’s That Shit I Don’t Like” bang bang “A Snitch Niggguh That’s That Shit I Don’t Like” Is this going to far??