George Zimmerman Believes Diddy Stabbed Him in the Back?


Recently, Global Grind got their hands on 150 of George Zimmerman’s phone while locked up in Seminole County Jail. After combing through the massive amount of conversations, one in particular stood out to the site.

In a phone call with his sister, George Zimmerman states he felt Diddy stabbed him in the back, due to his involvement in rallies concerning the alleged murder of Trayvon Martin. Check out the full conversation below:

Sister: Guess what I listened to?
GZ: What?
S: The song you were telling me about?
GZ: P Diddy?
S: Do you know that him and others are talking shit?
GZ: P Diddy?
S: Yeah
GZ: Oh…I didn’t know.
S: You know what’s so funny? It’s people that we’ve been admiring for such a long time.
GZ: Yup
S: It’s like wow.
GZ: Yup
S: I can’t believe it. It’s crazy
GZ: I can’t believe it either.
S: Yeah, it’s like a stab in the back.
GZ: Yup

Diddy isn’t the only hip-hop head Zimmerman felt he had a connection to. In another conversation, his sister compares Dr. Dre’s song, “I Need a Doctor,” to her brother’s current situation, to which he replies, “I’m so like Dr. Dre in the video.”