Giant Six-Foot Lizard on the Loose in Colorado, Escapes Cage


Jurassic Park may be invading Colorado.

News outlets caught wind of a six-foot-long Nile monitor lizard that escaped its enclosure and was on the loose in Teller County, Colo., police said Tuesday (July 17)..

Residents were urged by emergency notifications in Woodland West, Westwood Lakes and Rosewood Hills subdivisions between the Colorado communities of Divide and Woodland Park to stay indoors and to be alert when walking pets outdoors. Parents were also urged to keep their young children inside.

“It’s a large reptile, at least 25 pounds, and it can be aggressive. We want the people in those areas to know so they could keep on eye on their pets and small children,” said Teller County Sheriff Mike Ensinger.

The giant Nile lizard’s owner says his best-friend and pet named Dino is actually a gentle creature.

“He looks dangerous, but he’s a very gentle lizard. He’s not a threat to anybody,” adding that he did not think Dino would eat any animal larger than a prairie dog.

In reality, this beat is large enough to eat pet dogs and small kids.