Girl, You’re Doing Too Much


Has anyone ever told you that you wear too much make-up? Do you look caked, baked, and faked on? Do you sometimes get mistaken for Homey the Clown? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, chances are you’re doing too much… with your make-up that is. Nothing is more unattractive to a man, better yet to anyone, than a woman who wears layers upon layers of make-up. A natural, fresh face is the look to aspire too. Furthermore, it’s summertime, and heavy make-up is a no-no. To prevent you from looking like a bad paint job we have put together a list of tips that will have you looking flawless and natural.

Lighting Is Everything

Apply your makeup in a bright room with natural lighting. When the lighting is poor, chances are you are going to apply more make-up than usual. You don’t want that horrifying moment when you pass by a mirror and can barely recognize yourself.

Less is More

For most women, the only face makeup needed on a daily basis is a little concealer, enough to cover blemishes and/or dark spots. Applying liquid foundation does not need to be a daily routine. If you feel you require more coverage, try resorting to a light powder foundation as opposed to a heavy liquid foundation for daily-wear. You don’t want people to know you are wearing tons of makeup on your face, so use your foundation sparingly.

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