Girl, You’re Doing Too Much


Loud Eye or Loud Lip

Makeup 101: Wear a bright eye or a bright lip, when you wear them both together you look clownish. I know summertime is the season for bright bold colors, but leave that for your clothing. A bright coral lip should be complimented with subtle black winged liner. I know this season is all about color-blocking and being unafraid to experiment with bold colors, but for daily wear, I would say that you’re doing too much.

Natural Cheeks

Don’t believe the hype that women of a darker skin tone should stay away from blush. Blush is a beauty must-have. However, it should be used with caution. Again, less is more. When it comes to everyday make-up, you want to appear naturally flawless. Blush helps create a flushed rosy look. Use blushes that compliment your skin tone, and when applying, blend, blend, blend.

- Chelsey Wilkins

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