Hey, Where’d You Get Your…?


See, I’ve never had a problem telling someone where I got something when it comes to clothes and shoes. Chances are, if they want it badly enough, they’ll find it sooner or later anyway. Half the time, I’ve had the item for years, or it’s a piece that was handed down from my grandmother (we love our jewels!). So why be shady about it, ya know? Share the wealth. But, at what point does an inquiring mind go a little bit too far? I’ve seen in happen before. A year ago at work, a coworker received rave reviews about a particular pair of boots, but she refused to tell anyone where she got them. One loose-lipped Lindsay slipped up and told everyone they were from Tar-Jay. The next week, three other girls were wearing them. The horror! I snicker everytime, thinking about her face when unknowing colleagues would comment to the original boot owner “Hey, you have the same boots as [insert new boot owner here].” Tehehehehe!

Personally, I wouldn’t dare ask someone the exact location, store hours, price, tax, and method of payment of an item they were wearing. I don’t know what they went through to acquire that piece. This may have been their prized wardrobe staple, for all I know. But hey, that’s just me. What if it was a vintage find that they spent four hours in the sun at the weekend flea market digging through brown cardboard boxes to find?! The nerve it would be of me to ask which vendor so I could hit them up next Saturday, bright and early. That’s just too much.

My coworker laughed as I replayed the scene from earlier, because at this point I had barely made it in with moments to spare. Her advice was raw and proud: “Girl, I would’ve lied. You think I don’t be sending chicks to Bakers down the street in search of some shoes I got on sale at Bloomies 3 years ago?! Ha.” I laughed, but her tactics seemed to me even more petty than those of the girl eager to cop my $6 boots. I was over it at that point. I walked away. My boot buckles just a jingling with each step.

Do you share your shopping hot-spots and secret finds? Even better, have you ever lied to someone about where you purchased something? Spill it.

- Chelsea Smith

Tags: Beauty, Fashion, style