Eva Simons is breathtaking. The ridiculously gorgeous singer is chillin’ in her tour bus parked outside the Jones Beach Nikon Amphitheater, where electronic dance music ID Tour has made its way for a show in New York. In addition to having a face that could break your heart, her voice is like a lightning bolt—staunch, stunning and it lights up the sky. Before her set, which brought tears to many eyes in the crowd, Saturday, July 28, Simons sat with VIBE to talk Rick Ross (“man I just love that dude…”), how to be a dope chick in a man’s world (“be focused and stay on top of your game so no one can say shit…”) and more…

VIBE: Describe the Identity Festival.
EVA SIMONS: The vibe is different. These kinds of festivals just pop up and people go because they are eager to feel this energy and its just dope.

Your talent got a big boost when Kanye tweeted about you…
I don’t even know Kanye. I demo’d a song and people were like, “whose that girl singing?” so I got a deal. That’s cool.

If you got to choose one rapper to collaborate with right now who would it be?
I just heard Rick Ross on “I Am Your Leader” with Nicki Minaj. Man, I just love that dude. And Ludacris as well… with some crazy Arty beat.

You’ve had hit after hit these days: “Take Over Control” with Afrojack, “I Don’t Like You” with Zedd, “This Is Love” with How do you do it?
I don’t think you can make a hit. You just make something that is honest and put you energy in there, and just sing it how you do that shit—just rep it how you do that shit. Just do that! If you’re gonna try to create something you’re not gonna last long.

Advice for the women out there trying to make it in the “boys club” biz?
Just be yourself because you’re enough. You don’t have to prove yourself to guys. Do your thing, be focused and stay on top of your game so no one can say shit. That’s the key to anything in life.

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