Indecent Proposal


I recently saw a posting for my dream job:

“This position necessitates a stellar command of English and grammar, attention to detail, and experience with Microsoft Office.”

OK, sounds like me. Then it said: “Teamwork is a vital part of the job, and you will be expected to work individually and as part of a group.”

I can do that, I thought. The gig promised to teach me the ins and outs of my desired industry and assured me there was much potential for upward mobility. Just as I was about to polish my cover letter, I slammed into a stop sign. The job was in the adult entertainment industry.

With a traditional Christian upbringing, I had to ask myself if I’d be OK with a job I couldn’t tell my mother about, even if it would give me a foot in the door.

Would you be willing to put your morals on the shelf from 9 to 5? After all, your job is not who you are; it’s what you do.

The most talked about recent episode of the AMC show “Mad Men” last season focused on office manager Joan Holloway receiving an indecent proposal. The partners at advertising agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce ask Joan to sleep with a man who could be influential in a new account the firm was trying to acquire. They offer her a large sum of money to do so. One partner comes all the way to her house to talk her out of it. They don’t need to get new business that way, he tells her. But we learn the deed has already been done. Joan, a married woman, sleeps with the unattractive man and is made a partner in return.

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