Indecent Proposal


A new briefing from the Economic Policy Institute found that for college graduates, the unemployment rate averaged 9.4 percent over the last year, while the underemployment rate averaged 19.1 percent. Unemployment rates for young black and Hispanic college graduates were higher than overall rates.
Some people may say they wouldn’t compromise themselves for a paycheck or promotion. But Sallie Mae doesn’t care about your convictions.

Suppose you found a marketing job at a tobacco company that enabled you to get experience and pay back your student loans. Or perhaps your major is aerospace engineering. The only job you see close to your field is with the military, designing weapons of mass destruction. Would you really take the moral high road and go work at Starbucks?

Considering that studies have shown many young professionals change jobs every two years, it would only be a temporary conflict of values.

So let’s hear it, VIXENS. Would you take a job – or do a task on your job – that wasn’t exactly upstanding if it allowed you to get ahead?

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