iPad Mini Set to Launch in September


As we try to downsize our regular morning routines and even our carry-all bags, technology once again is taking note. As early as this September, the mini version of the iPad tablet could be in your local flagship store, and set to fit perfectly into your vintage Fendi baguette, Tory Burch clutch, or, hey, even that Forever 21 wristlet!
Apple announced the latest gadget on Tuesday alongside the release of the iPhone 5. The iPad mini which has already been met with much heightened curiosity will be available after the phone, and the launch of the 7.85 inch device will surely cause lines-around-the-block hysteria. While tech geeks hyperventilate, Fox News is saying that the idea of the new iPad being “mini” is misleading since it will not be smaller in its actual size. However, illustrated examples that can be found on electronic-centric websites and blogs have shown that size will be a factor in its appeal, but we’ll have to see come this September.

The approach of the mini is to make the iPad more accessible to customers that have been wanting the device but found the $499 cost a lot of damage to their wallets. The asking price for this small package is rumored to be around $199.–Carmen Shardae Jobson

Vixens, would you buy an iPad mini?