Is Nail Art Really a Trend or is Everyone Else Just Now Catching On?


In reality it could be said that Asian nail technicians are the ones who truly made the style hot since they were often the ones putting these creations on black women—although black nail techs also deserve credit. But if we’re going to talk about where this trend was first seen and grew in popularity you don’t have to look much further than black women—and it certainly wasn’t just black women from lower socioeconomic standing as Robin’s comment implies. The issue isn’t that the industry needs to pay homage to the originators of the style, whoever they may be, but acting as though they created the nail craze we’re seeing today is false. The thing is, black women have always been comfortable enough to rock these styles no matter who turned their nose up at it, and that fearless trendsetting is something that should be paid homage to.

Do you find it odd wild nail art is suddenly the “in”  thing?

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