Jackson Family Deserves Justice in Fight Over Michael Jackson’s Estate


The scathing letter from five of Michael Jackson’s disinherited siblings claiming that the singer’s will is “Fake, Flawed and Fraudulent”– leaked exclusively to Celebuzz – confirms what I told Entertainment Tonight a week after the King of Pop’s death: Michael left a will and an estate that will be mired in messy estate litigation for years to come.

Who is responsible for this colossal mess? Not his siblings, who are justifiably concerned about the authenticity of the 2002 will and the finances of their late superstar brother’s legacy.

Nor is it the executors of his estate, John Branca and John McClain, who have done an admirable job of generating millions from royalties in music and merchandise to clear up the nearly $400 million debt Michael left behind. Simply, they seem to be astute executors, doing the job the Los Angeles Superior Court and California Supreme Court determined they should do, when they validated the 2002 will a couple years ago.

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