Jae Millz Takes Shots at Pusha T on ‘Hearing Voices’


We thought it was over, but we guessed wrong. The ongoing rap beef between Lil Wayne and Pusha T has prompted YMCMB artist Jae Millz to put out a diss track to Pusha T titled “Hearing Voices.” Although he has yet to put out an album of his own, he decided to make it known that he will always be down for Weezy. He even tweeted “In YMCMB we trust” a few hours after releasing the diss.

“Shame on me on yet to have an album in a wrapper/But n*gga shame on you for every album getting’ wacker/and you a dick rider/switch sider/certified clique hopper, still getting nada/ n*ggas cat fighting with the team on that sneak shit/making diss records but keeping it secret/throwing darts like a bitch/instead bombing like a warrior/just letting me know there’s pussy in all of ya,” Millz rhymes.

Listen to the track below.