Jay Sean Says He Gained New Respect for Frank Ocean


British crooner Jay Sean knows a thing or two about putting his emotions out there when it comes to music, which is another reason of why he admires Frank Ocean. The singer flooded timelines last week after writing about a past love for another man on his Tumblr page right before dropping his debut album ‘Channel Orange’ on iTunes a week ahead of schedule. Sean says it’s Mr. Ocean’s carefree attitude that makes his songs worth listening to. “Just on a whole other level of respect that I have for Frank is because when I heard his mixtape [‘Nostalgia, Ultra’] this is before all the hype began, it made me stop in my tracks and go, ‘How is somebody out there still has the artistic integrity to say, ‘I know this is what’s selling, I don’t care, I do this?,’ Sean told VIBE. “How many of us do that in life? Frank Ocean’s a dope songwriter. He can do anything…His ‘Channel Orange’ album has very little commercial appeal but he didn’t give a damn.” The “Do You Remember” singer adds that the sexual preference of a singer should not be a factor when looking for new music. “When you listen to a song, just heard the voice and that song, you have no idea what that person looks like, what color they are, how old they are, you have no idea of their sexual orientation, none of that, so all you should judge is what you’re hearing,” he said. “If [somebody says], ‘Oh do you like this song?’ ‘Yeah I love it but he’s gay, do you still like it?’ ‘Nah I hate it,’ then you’re a fool,” Sean added. “I’m just a firm believer in taking music for what it is,” he explained. “It’s one of the very few things in life that shouldn’t be touched by all this crap that we are affected by.”