Jennifer Williams Drops Lawsuit Against Nia Crooks


Ex-Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams has allegedly dropped the lawsuit that she hit former friend-turned-enemy Nia Crooks with a few months ago.

According to TMZ, Williams’ rep stated that the reality star was “already dealing with her difficult divorce and did not feel that it was necessary to continue to pursue civil action [against Crooks].”

Jennifer has indeed been having a lot of issues. The most intelligent thing to do at this point is to drop the suit. Her on-going issues with ex-husband Eric Williams and dealing her termination from Basketball Wives seem to be enough drama for one person to handle.

Crooks’ lawyers also made a statement to TMZ saying, “We have always maintained that the frivolous lawsuit brought by Jennifer Williams was nothing short of a last-gasp attempt to maintain her dwindling relevance on the ‘Basketball Wives. Nia is happy to put this issue behind her and start looking ahead to work on her own career.”–Jazmine Henley-Brown

Why do you think Jennifer really had a change of heart?