Jermaine Dupri Drops Big Bumpin ‘Fist Pump’-in’ Track


Notorious hip-hip producer Jermaine Dupri really REALLY wants to dance.

Thus, the So So Def CEO is breaking out the glow sticks and announcing his return to dance music with the release of “Fist Pump” (and yes, the name was inspired from “Jersey Shore”). Dupri signed hip-hop duo the Ying Yang Twins to So So Def for the single “Fist Pump, Jump Jump” (featuring Greg Tecoz), a pop-flavored club anthem produced by Red One (Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj), Alex P. (Enrique Iglesias, Nicki Minaj) and Ike Dirty (Too $hort, Redman, Keke Palmer).

“Ying Yang Twins have always made danceable music,” says Dupri, referring to the group’s prior hits “Get Low,” “Salt Shaker” and “Wait (The Whisper Song).” “Songs like ‘Fist Pump’ are where the clubs are at right now.”

Dupri himself has a history with dance tunes, most notably the three-volume compilation series So So Def Bass All-Stars, which ran from 1996 to 1998 and featured the long-running hit “My Boo.”

“Because of its format, the media outlets and DJs that would normally cover Ying Yang Twins will probably overlook ‘Fist Pump’ until it becomes a hit,” says Dupri. “I’m bringing awareness to the song, so that people pay attention to the record from the beginning.”

“Fist Pump, Jump Jump” is available on iTunes and Amazon.