Vixen Chat: JoJo Talks New Single ‘Demonstrate,’ Mature Lyrics and Her Ideal Man


You said that you put a lot of your relationship experiences in your songs, so is it safe to say you’re living the single life?
Yeah. I’m just super, super focused on me, fortifying myself. I’m 21 and I just wanna live, wanna feel. That’s kinda the exploration that I’m taking with this album.

You’ve come a long way from singing about first loves to bedroom antics. What do you look for in an ideal man?
I love weirdos. I like ‘em weird. I like them intellectual. I want to learn something. I want you to teach me something. I don’t mean that in a creepy way, but I mean, like for example, guys from another country or another place that I’m not familiar with or maybe he studied something I find fascinating. I love an alternative intellectual.

Anyone who’s visited your Twitter sees that you’re fascinated with dinosaurs. What’s the story behind that?
I just love them. When I was little, my parents were together till I was maybe 5 years-old and they’re much better separate than they are together, so when they would get into really big arguments, it would kinda scare me so I would go into my room and I would make habitats for my dinosaurs. I would sing and then I would drown out the noise and I would take grass and rocks from outside and playdoh and I would  go into this world with my dinosaurs and it just brought me a sense of peace. I just liked to think that I was chillin’ with my imaginary dinosaurs, haha. I remember in third grade, our teacher gave us this assignment to give an argument and I was giving an argument as to why we should recreate dinosaurs or why scientists should find a way to make dinosaurs roam the earth again. I’m a weirdo. I don’t know what type of stuff my mom fed me in my childhood.

Your Twitter playlist looks very diverse. You listen to everything from Kendrick Lamar to Alanis Morissette. If you could soundtrack your life at present with three songs that are not yours, what would they be?
Frank Ocean “Sweet Life,” Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre “The Recipe” and Drake “Good Ones Go.”

I definitely think “Good Ones Go” is the better half of “Cameras” that gets overshadowed.
I love the “Cameras” part of it but the “Good Ones Go”?! Every girl wants to hear that! That’s my jam.

Jumping Trains is the album that you’ve been working on. What’s the status on that?
To be honest, I’m moving in a new direction. I haven’t come out and said it, but if you listen to the difference between “Disaster” and “Demonstrate,” they don’t fit on the same album. So with the release of “Demonstrate” and the feedback it’s been getting, it reconfirmed for me that I’m doing the right thing. I want a very consistent, cohesive body of work and that’s what I’m working on finishing up. It doesn’t really bother me that I’ve been working on something for four years. I just want it to be right. Whatever the timing happens to be, whether it’s the end of this year or early next year, I just pray that it’s right. I’m almost done with the tracks that I would consider the album to be. It’s just about fine-tuning and sitting down with my team and things like that.

Can we expect Noah or any other big collaborations artist-wise to hop on this?
Yes. I’m getting back in with Noah for the album and there are some guests that I’m really excited about. I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from particularly the hip hop community which means a lot to me because I’m such a fan of hip hop music so just to be embraced is really exciting.

Is there any possibility of you working with Drake formally?
I would absolutely love that. I hope so. It’s definitely on my wish list. Drake does a better job than anyone of kinda creating an atmosphere and bringing people into it.

What do you hope to accomplish with this comeback album?
I want my music to create an atmosphere that people can put the record on and enter into. I wanna represent a different type of chick, that girl that can be one of the guys but is totally embracing of her feminine side. I just want this album to be crazy, sexy, cool. I wanna kinda take it back to the way music used to make people feel, particularly R&B music in the ’90s.

Is there an album out right now that you feel is doing that at all?
I think Frank Ocean’s new album is incredible. It’s so inspiring and exciting.

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