Vixen Chat: Joseline Hernandez Talks New Single “Bailar,” LHHATL Fight and Plans to Build Beauty Brand


VIBE VIXEN: What’s the feedback you’ve been getting on your new song “Bailar”?
JOSELINE HERNANDEZ: Well, you know a lot of people are loving the song. I’m having good feedback and I love it. I’m just working.

How do you define your sound?
My music is young, playful, sexy, loving, just everything. I understand life and I been through a lot of things. I just wanna make music that makes people happy, makes people wanna dance. I’m not with all of that crazy music. I’m just a happy person at this point in my life. Everything from my clothes to my music to my dancing is all happiness and sexiness.

Are you working on a mixtape or an album?
I have a lot of songs. I’m just trying to figure out how Stevie and I are gonna do things now as far as the album goes. If I wanted to do an album right now, I could just drop it, but I just decided to come out with my single.

What’s the relationship with you and Stevie at this very moment?
Stevie is my manager and that’s what it is. He manages me and we get to work.

Coming out the of situation that we watched on this past week’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, are you two beyond that?
I have to live with everything that I’ve done and all of my mistakes. You live and learn, and you keep pushing, you know. You keep on with life.

How did you feel reliving the abortion and the drama surrounding it as you tuned in last Monday?
You know, I really try not to even watch the show. I just try to work, you know. I have to go to the studio, I have to go to dance rehearsal, I have to go to voice lessons. I have a lot on my plate, then I have to do shows. The show is great! I know it is ’cause I was there, but I really don’t have too much time to watch the show.

While it’s airing on Monday nights, you usually don’t tune in?
No, I tune in to watch the show but not right at 8 o’clock. I catch the reruns because I might not have the time to watch it at that time, but I always watch the rerun.

Cool. Now, what’s going on with you and Erica Dixon?