Kat Graham Tags Her Name on the Music Biz, Talks Heartbreak and Style


‘s got attitude.

Currently, this 22-year-old singer-dancer-advocate-actress has enough sassy fearlessness and talent to steal the spotlight from a few adored pop stars. Dubbed a Janet Jackson-Lady Gaga hybrid (and a dash of M.I.A.), Graham creates music that appeases 90’s R&B purists and the lovers of all things electric. With singles like “Put Your Grafitti On Me” and “Heartkiller,” the Vampire Diaries breakout star has captivated a rapidly growing fanbase with her four-track EP Against The Wall, and even super producer will.i.am has taken notice.

Between taking up producing at the age of 14 and honing engineering skills at 17 years young, she discovered her love for back-up dancing under the mentoring of choreographer Fatima Robinson. Although acting ultimately became the launch pad for her blossoming music career, the art of sound has always been her first love.

“I’ve been fighting for this for so long I’d be damned if someone tells me I can’t do it,” she says. “It’s a different kind of fight people see in me. With music, it’s harder. I don’t care what anyone says. It’s harder to be a music artist than to be an actor in this day and age, way harder.”

Vixen caught up the highly flammable singer to talk her funky style, her non-“Heartkiller” boyfriend and why she’s determined to tag her name all over this entertainment biz.–Niki McGloster