Ken Jeong Signs On For ‘Hangover: Part 3′


Beloved Asian comic “Mr. Chow” is making an extended comeback in ‘Hangover: Part 3.’

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ken Jeong, who plays Chow, has reportedly signed on for a significantly expanded role in the Todd Phillips-directed ‘Hangover’ trilogy. The doctor-turned-comedian-turned-actor has a resume of blockbuster credits including ‘Transformers’ and ‘Knocked Up.’

The second installment saw Mr. Chow locked away in a freezer box only to be revived by film’s end. Jeong is trying to sort out dates so that production doesn’t interfere with his taping schedule for his stint with NBC’s ‘Community.’

Though he shall be playing a bigger part, Warner Bros. is keeping the ‘Hangover’ plot under wraps. The movie is slated for a Memorial Day 2013 release.