Kim Kardashian’s New Sleek Style [PHOTOS]


has totally changed her style since she’s been with new boyfriend Kanye West. In a conversation with Laura Brown of Harper’s Bazaar, the reality star described her new style as sleek.

“I used to want everything short and low-cut and you really can’t do it all…recently my style has become a little bit sleeker,” explains the starlet.

She also described how she likes to mix high designers with low cost items. Her fave designers being Celine, Givenchy, and Lanvin.

However, as many have seen, hip-hop icon Kanye West has definitely influenced his girlfriend’s style. Since the two have been together, black and white have definitely been their signature statement palette. I love the way Kanye’s fashion sense has effected Kim K’s style, and even though she’s always been a fashionista, this new look suits her nicely.
Let’s take a glance of Kim K’s style then and now!