Lil Wayne Electrified: Top 4 EDM Spins


While Lil Wayne’s home sits squarely in the center of the rap universe, he’s never been bashful about venturing into other realms of sound and style, with notable efforts including his rock star provoked LP Rebirth, and his skater boy ensembles that blend a traditional hip-hop discernment with punk’s more capriciously artful disposition. Both emanations are forms of rebellion, an emotive outlet that Weezy celebrates ruthlessly in his music. Thus, various producers and DJs have enjoyed chopping and screwing Weezy in not R&B-tinged positions, but into tightly coiled synths and bass-drop filled arrangements. The following bombastic remixes are some of Lil Wayne at his most broody and rollicking finest of the EDM persuasion. Prepare to listen to the self-proclaimed “Greatest Rapper Alive” receive the beat treatment.

1. “Forever (We’re In Heaven Remix)” f. Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne, & DJ Sammy
Mashed together by the mysterious one-man feature of The Trak Addicts (who has a penchant for hip-hop tunes), this remix is wrapped around the ideology of love and acceptance from three very different angles and it’s all based upon DJ Sammy’s mega 2002 hit “Heaven.” As Do’s whimsical voice leads the way for a dreamily futuristic journey, the unexpected coalescing of Kanye West’s tauntingly hopeful, pop-cultured sprinkled verse and Weezy’s sardonic declaration make for an interesting trip of how one deals with adulation, jealously, and the mirage of possibility. The juxtaposition of the two rappers slight hostility rattling with Do’s sweet vocals in the meditative utopia of DJ Sammy’s sonic sand castles in the sky is nothing but an awesome dichotomy of cathartics.

2. “Heisenberg [Dave Porter + Drake + Lil Wayne + Nasty Ways + PANTyRAiD + Santigold]” by DJ BAHLER
Cinematic at best, this is a true mash-up of worlds colliding in one space with DJ Bahler taking vocal appearances from Drake’s and Wayne’s separate songs respectively against the musings of Santigold’s infectious “la, la, la, la, la, la, la” background heckling (trimmed out of her “Unstoppable”); Jim Jones’ memorable chant of “ballin’!”; and then intertwined with works from Dave Porter, Nasty Ways, and PANTyRAiD. Listen closely for an ending incorporating the Las Vegas promise of Wayne’s “Lollipop” as this layered joint of sublimely intricate and brusque impatience is thrilling.

3. “I Can Only Imagine (R3hab Remix)” f. David Guetta, Chris Brown & Lil Wayne
The Dutch house music icon (in the making) that is R3hab recently killed Cassie’s “King of Hearts” into a fast and furious treat of Parisian flavor, and he brings his European flair again for “I Can Only Imagine” except that this time, the feeling is more transcontinental in regarding South Beach and is audibly intermittently sensitive. Sounding akin to a late ’90s Daft Punk fix, or even The Crystal Method, with its heart-thumping smattering, only Brown’s vocals are used, but it says much of Weezy’s likeness rapping alongside poolside or glimmery beach water music.

4. “A Millie (Datsik & Excision Remix)”
Even more chilling than “Heisenberg”, this Canuck collabo of Datsik and Excision is cold; intriguing; and unforgiving. With a psy-trance innerspring that rises like a water-bed with each pulsating dubstep urge, they transmogrified “A Millie” from a formerly uppity, unripe jam primed for kiddie’s birthday party to an uber-grungy tale of revenge and refined confidence. Enclosing the influences of Excision’s forte of amalgamating heavy metal with bass is heard loud and clear, with Wayne’s perpetual yearning for rock star status, this remix unapologetically invites you into the darkness.