London Olympic Games 2012 Gets Chemical


While the excitement and hype begins to spread around the globe for this summer’s Olympic Games in London, each nation is preparing to compete against one another to establish the true king of sport. For each edition of the games a track is chosen to be the official song. In 2004, Dutch demi-god DJ Tiësto released his second studio album at 2004 Athens Summers Olympics, and made history by becoming the first DJ to play live on stage at the opening ceremony. Now he’s passing the torch to The Chemical Brothers.

Considered to be pioneers of modern electronic dance music, their newest original ‘Theme For Velodrome’ is now to be referred as the official tune for one of the most historical events ever. Here is a cool fact, a velodrome is actually an arena for bicycle racing. Between the name and awesome melody this track features, it is no surprise that the Olympic organizers selected it to be their official song. During the games be on the lookout for other speciality music as The Chemical Brothers have already declared there is more to come.