Love & Hip Hop Shuts Down Rumors About the Show Being Scripted


Yesterday (July 18), reality star Stevie J along with Love and Hip Hop producer Mona Scott-Young, sat down with Sway during MTV’s Rap Fix live and both had a whole lot to say about rumors that Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is staged and scripted.

When asked about the level of “ratchetness” on the show, Young responded with “We don’t feed you information, it’s not scripted. That’s the most ridiculous thing that I hear all the time. There are 40-something odd people on set, do you think I could get them all to keep a secret?”.

Stevie J and Mona Scott-Young were also grilled about what some see as an “exploitation” of African-Americans in reality TV. Young responded “When I hear the show is fake or scripted, it almost negates their very lives.”

She added: “They have the right to tell their stories, I think they’re valid stories. Judging by the numbers, I think they’re stories that people want to see and hear about.”

Stevie J felt that the show gives talent the opportunity to showcase their “talent” and “artistry,” because we all can’t wait for that Joseline and Karlie Redd collabo to drop. Not.