Man Down: 3 Ways To Tell Someone Their Breath Is Not What’s Up


Picture it. You’re meeting up with a friend or maybe a hot blind date for a night on the town. As they walk up you begin to fill with excitement, but that excitement quickly turns to dread as you smell the rankness that escapes their mouths when they start to speak. Whether you’ve been the person on the receiving end of the funk or have dished out a little yourself after a yummy garlic dish, you know that having funky breath is definitely not pleasant. So how do you tell someone that their breath is a bit on the tart side? That’s where we come in. Here are three ways to politely tell that certain someone that their breath is not what’s up.

Pop Some Gum
This is the easiest way to tell someone their breath is tart without actually having to tell them. After the initial blast of un-fresh air play it cool for a few minutes before pulling out some gum and offering the offender a piece for themselves. Is the culprit turning down your gesture? Turn on the charm and try to convince them they should try the yummy flavor.

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