Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan Are Public Bathroom Bangers


still loves him some Gloria Govan, despite them not having any plans to walk down the aisle anytime soon. He told BLEU magazine that even when they were broken up and seeing other people, he would get upset about people talking smack about her. “It’s different when they are talking about the mother of your children,” Matt told the mag.

Even though the pair have been together for quite a while, they still get it in. Matt also revealed how he keeps Gloria sexually happy:

“So sometimes that means middle of the day sex. Sometimes that means after lunch you go and have sex in the bathroom. We do things outside the norm. I think we were in London last year in a really fancy nice restaurant and….the bathroom.”

So that’s how Matt’s able to ignore the groupies … he knows he’s got the good-good at home. Kudos to Matt and Gloria!

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