Miami ‘Zombie’ Met His Victim Before Attack


What seemed to be a random act of bath salt-induced cannibalism has turned into a strange coincidence.

The Miami face-eater Rudy Eugene was the subject of a long profile in the Miami Herald, which revealed that he had met his victim, Ronald Poppo, before the attack.

The 31-year-old Eugene apparently met the homeless Poppo while volunteering in feeding the homeless a few years ago. A close friend of Eugene’s, Frederic Christian, who volunteered with him said that he remembers Poppo being a “nice and kind man” and giving him food. The 65-year-old victim, whose face was chewed off by Eugene, is still in the hospital and has undergone several surgeries.

The profile also details a tumultuous18-month marriage and his downfall from an ordinary guy who liked sports and race cars to a distraught individual who let his vices get the best of him.

Read the full piece here.