Michelle Obama Hit With a Death Threat by D.C. Police Officer


The accomplishment of Barack and Michelle Obama as the free world’s First Black President and Lady were reason for millions worldwide to celebrate and believe that, at last, strides in a more real, complex representation of the people on such a grand stage (such as the presidency) were achieved. However, there was also the intense realization that due to the fact that the Obamas are Black, the need for better security would have to be at a red code level at all times.
Death threats have been mainly few and far between since Barack’s ruling of the roost, but they’ve come to light once again with reports that a Washington D.C. police officer made declarative statements towards killing Michelle. The unnamed officer has since been replaced from his unit and placed on administrative duty because of his voiced warning. Allegedly, according to The Washington Post, the officer said: “He would shoot the First Lady and then use his phone to retrieve a picture of the firearm [that was used].”
The Secret Service are attempting to act blasé about the situation, maybe to downplay the seriousness of the issue as the the news is flooding the Internet and publications are quickly looking to print bold headlines. They are labeling the incident as a “bad joke” from someone that should’ve known better–and that’s saying the least of the uncalled comment which will directly affect how security will be run for the Obamas and the staff around them.

The whole situation is unprofessional as a former worker of The White House and downright chilling. Threats and dealings like this may only may get worse and more absurd the closer election time comes which is scheduled for this fall.   –Carmen Shardae Jobson