Missy Elliot Says Her Lambo Is Being Held Hostage


Missy Elliot has got a bone to pick with Fox Valley Motor Cars, a car dealership in Florida.

TMZ reports that the rapper/singer is suing the dealership, who she says is holding her newly-purchased Lamborghini captive.

The lawsuit expresses that she formed an agreement with the dealership last year to buy a $376,000 Matte White Lambo Aventador.

Missy claims that she agreed to make a down payment of $30,000 in cash and a trade in of her 2005 Bentley, which is worth $85,000. The dealership was supposed to then ship her the Lambo by mid 2012, however, they never did.

When she followed up with the dealership, she was told the terms had changed as a result of the market value of the car rising and refused to deliver the car.

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